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Check my Rego in NSW and how to renew it

This article applies to car owners whose car rego is in NSW, Rego is about to expire, and wants to operate Rego independently. Let’s check my rego!

To drive in Australia, you must have a Rego.

If the Rego expires, you cannot drive on the road, so you must check rego frequently. Once you are found by the police, you will be fined. You can only continue to drive if you renew the Rego.

Special reminder: It is better to order Rego through the formalities about a month before the expiration of the car’s Rego, because in some cases, a car inspection is required, and the time to make an appointment for a car inspection may be longer. Australian car factories are relatively busy. Then if there is a problem with the car that needs to be repaired, it will be delayed for a while.

Without further ado, how do I renew my Rego?


Here is the link:

To change your NSW license plate, you only need to know your license plate number or billing number. Makes renewing Rego online simple and easy.


The billing number is unchanged, and this number will be displayed in the upper right corner of your Rego bill.

When your rego is about to expire, you will receive a letter sent to your mailing address with the price of your renew rego, the expiration date, whether you need a car inspection, etc. Likewise, your new letter will have your billing number in it. After careful comparison, you will find that the billing number in the newly received letter is exactly the same as the billing number on the rego list in your hand, that is, the billing number remains unchanged.

Let’s introduce the steps to update rego:


The official website has 3 steps. I think the first step and the second step can be carried out at the same time, or the eSafety Check or pink slip can be carried out first.

  1. If the car has been inspected, you can directly buy the compulsory insurance Green slip.
  2. If not, then according to the cost of repairing the car,

The cost of repairing the car > If the value of the existing car, you can change the car directly without repairing it!

If the cost of repairing the car < the value of the existing car, you can wait for the car to be repaired before buying the Green Slip, which should be the most economical consideration!

1. eSafety Check (pink slip)

The requirements of NSW are: Small cars that are more than 5 years old need to do a Safety Check before they can renew Rego, which is subject to the requirements at the time of renewal.
The renewal form you receive will indicate whether inspection is required (if there is an inspection required, it is necessary to carry out a car inspection) or you can check it when you renew online.

You can directly find a qualified depot that can do car inspections online, and then choose a place near you and call to make an appointment. The URL is as follows:


The price of inspection is still very close to the people, within 50 Australian dollars, different models have different charging standards.


There is also a type called Mobile Pink Slip, that is, you can be at home or other addresses, and a special person will come to your location to check for you. The check price is the same, but they will have an additional fee to come to your home. pay.

Those who are qualified to provide the introduction and specific contact information of the person who inspected the car above are shown at the following website:

What exactly do you check?
These are some routine inspections to ensure that the car is safe to drive.

Engine condition and function

exhaust system

seat belt


Brakes and Brake Fluid

fluid container

(Fluid Containers does not know how to translate it to be accurate. Anyone who knows can leave a message to me)

vehicle appearance



2.Buy CTP(Green Slip)

The following website can be purchased directly. There are many insurance companies to choose from, and you can choose the one with the lowest quotation, because this is a compulsory car insurance, and claims can be made in the event of some personal injury or death.

After payment it will automatically renew and the insurance policy will be mailed to your mailing address.


After the first two steps are completed, you can enter the process of directly renewing Rego.
You can choose to continue for 3 months, half a year, 9 months, 1 year, etc. according to your needs. It is recommended to be consistent with the time of the CTP you purchased.

The Rego price of different models is different, and the specific requirements shall prevail at the time of renewal.
The following is my Ford Escape’s Rego annual fee, just for reference.

If you want to know the specific price of your car’s renewal Rego in advance, you can also check the following URL:

After the renewal is successful, your Rego will be automatically updated, and you can continue to drive with peace of mind!

If you are an online self-service renewal user, you will usually send a new Rego order to your mailing address. If you do it from Service NSW, you can receive updated documents on site.

This Rego list is very important and must be kept as it will be used when selling cars in the future.

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