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How to Do Car Rego Check And Renew Rego In NSW

Today, I will answer a question about renew expired rego and help those friends who need to know about car rego check. Because I am in Sydney, the specific situation may be different in each state.


This year, the rego of the two cars in the family have expired because of my negligence. The first car was because I was pregnant at the time and my husband was sick again. At that time, I ran on both sides of public and private hospitals for several months, and also took care of housework at home. Suddenly one day I remembered whether I didn’t renew my license, and then I went to the NSW SERVICE website to do a car rego check, and the rego had expired. Then I called the NRMA Car service center and wanted to book a pink slip inspection. I was told that because the rego expired, I needed to do a blue slip, and they didn’t do it. I just had to find another car dealer to do the blue slip. I took the blue slip to the RTA to renew the rego, and their employees saw my blue slip and immediately canceled my original rego. Who knows when they see greenslip and realize my rego hasn’t expired for three months, so no need to cancel as per the rules. After another round of tossing, I got the original license back, and I was told that if I rego, I don’t need to do a blue slip, just a pink slip.

The second car was even worse. It stands to reason that with the lessons of the last time, the same thing cannot happen again. I found out that the rego of the second car expired because I was stopped by the police. I was wondering at the time, I was driving on a country road, and I didn’t speed or violate the rules, so why did I stop me. I was horrified when the police asked me if I knew my rego had expired for more than three months. The normal answer at this time should be: Sorry, I know that my rego has expired, so I am driving to the nearest RTA to renew the rego!

Due to my own stupidity, and my car was driving in a town with no NSW service center, and the driving direction was towards the beach…. So what I blurted out was: Huh? God, how could I not know. So, in addition to going through the same license renewal procedure again, I also got a ticket for illegally driving an unregistered vehicle. About $650 if I remember correctly. The reason why the second car forgot to renew the rego was because the car was a demo car from a car dealership that was bought last year. period time. And the new car does not need a pink slip, so I just remember to pay the greenslip on time, but forgot to pay the license fee.

So, I use my experience to tell everyone, don’t forget to renew car rego, otherwise it will cost a lot of cash. And when I did the blue slip, the owner of the car dealer told me that since there is no need to post rego, there are many people who forget to renew their rego after they expire, so this is a common phenomenon.

Next, I will talk about the steps to renew the license after the license expires:

First of all, if the Rego expires for three months, you must find a place where you can do a blue slip to inspect the car. Buleslip is more than 20 dollars more expensive than pink slip. Then the rego you now have will be voided. If it is not more than three months, you can also do pink slip.

Then take the blue slip to a company like NRMA to pay the green slip, which is the same price as the normal renew car rego.

Finally, go to the NSW Service Center with the stamped green slip and blue slip. Remember to remove the expired rego before going there, fill in an application form for a new rego, and get the queue number.

There are normally two options for the rego.

1. Black text on a yellow background, it seems to be free, otherwise it will only pay a small amount of money.

2. Black characters on a white background, about 150 knives.

Then there is the normal one-year or half-year REGO money and your normal license renewal money. No extra cost.


1. You cannot drive a car with an expired rego on the road! ! Otherwise, they will be caught by the police, and they will be handed a fine of about $650.

2. After the rego expires, the only conditions allowed to drive are: driving to the nearest road for blue slip or driving to the nearest RTA rego renewal. Otherwise it is illegal. So when the police stop you, remember to say you are going to the nearest RTA.

3. After the rego expires, the original rego must be canceled, so if your rego was a good non-paid number before, then sorry, you will not be able to get the original rego back after it expires. And you can only use the RTA’s next avaliable rego, no choice.

4. If the car is not used temporarily and is parked on your own private land, you can apply for a license-exemption with the RTA. But still need to buy a special green slip. For details, please inquire at the rta counter.

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